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5 Great Books For Plant Lovers

Plant lovers and book lovers unite! There is an endless supply of great books out there that plant parents can devour, ranging from practical guides to niche studies and so much more in between. Take a look at the following five books that you will want to add to your “to read” pile on your bookshelf.

5 Great Books For Plant Lovers

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The Royal Horticultural Society is well known for its unique plant-focused publications, and this practical book is no exception.

This book provides a guide to choosing plants, which includes in-depth plant profiles for more than 175 types of houseplants.

The book also includes advice and ideas for how to display your plants, a guide on how to avoid common problems, and other practical advice.

If your thumb is more "deadly" than nurturing, then you will definitely want to pick up this book.

This tongue-in-cheek humorous book is designed for plant parents who love plants, but perhaps aren't the best at keeping them thriving and healthy.

The book offers essential tips such as easy-to-understand guides on potting, watering, gauging sunlight and humidity problems, and much more.

Plant Society is perfect for plant lovers interested in absorbing some ideas for their own houseplant styling and design.

The book features a plant encyclopedia that covers the most common houseplants, along with a style guide for every room of the house. The style guide includes plenty of photographs that will give you ideas for arranging plants.

The unique room-by-room set up is perfect for anyone who wants to turn their home into a green oasis.

This is a fun, practical guide that includes a wide range of helpful information.

The book covers everything from the basics to troubleshooting plant problems, all the way to a variety of do-it-yourself projects that will have you creating hanging gardens, terrariums, and much more.

The book also features styling and design tips.

If you are going to buy one single book regarding how to style and design your houseplants, let it be this one!

This is a bestselling book that includes a guide on how to incorporate plants into your interior design while offering advice on where to place plants and how to use home decor to make the most of your indoor space. It features photographs from plant lovers around the world, so there is plenty of inspiration to be found.

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