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a happy package for you

The world is changing daily, but we are still here for you.

Since we love bringing joy and fun indoors, we thought about sharing some resources that are cheering us up while staying at home!



Watch some live webcams 

with cute animals.

Gaze at these

beautiful waterfalls.


Listen to "The Happiness Lab" podcast.

Focus on some colorful

kaleidoscope visuals.

Start a gratitude journal.



Download a useful

Pilea watering checklist.


Keep a care journal

for your Pilea.

Create a plant terrarium.

Decorate your terracotta pots.



Get a great home workout

with this 30-minutes cardio HIIT.

Try some Yoga and start

practicing some mindful activity.

Follow the MadFit Youtube channel for a daily dose of fitness.



Listen to some bedtime

stories for grown-ups.

Focus on one of these

soothing ASMR videos.

Try these guided

sleep meditations.



Start learning 

a new language.

Watch these Netflix documentaries for free.

Learn new skills by taking

a free online course.

Browse the TEDx talks library

and watch expert speakers sharing inspiring ideas.

Develop your wisdom and emotional intelligence

with The School Of Life.

Take a virtual tour to

places such as the

Yellowstone National Park,

the Louvre, the Great Wall

of China, and yes,

even Mars.



Download these printables 

DIY activities for kids and adults such as coloring pages, craft ideas, and board games.

Focus on one of these

chill videogames.

Keep your mind active with 

these brain games.

Play some good music

and spread positive vibes.

Listen to one of our playlists,

your Pilea will love it!

Yes, playing music for your plant helps boost its growth!

It may seem like a strange thing to do, but vibrations from sound waves stimulate growth factors.

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