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In 1945 Pilea Peperomioides hitched a ride from China to Europe with a Norwegian missionary. He then gave the pilea’s easily propagated off-shoots to friends and family in Norway,

and from there it spread to Sweden, the UK and beyond

– earning it’s name as the "Pass It On Plant".





Made To Be Shared

Little sprouts grow around the plant.

Cut them and re-plant them!

Nurse them for a little while,

then gift them to family and friends!

Repeat as much as you like!

100% Biological

Pileas aren’t edible or tasty

but customers can feel good knowing that they are as natural as can be in case their pets

decide to try a bite.

We only use biologicals to treat

and grow our Pileas

– no pesticides, only IPM

and eco-friendly biological products.​ Take a look at our Earth Friendly Page

Our Pileas aren’t only green in colour: they drink captured rain water, eat natural fertilizers, bask in natural sunlight (which also powers our greenhouses), are protected by beneficial insects, and are packaged in recycled materials.

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