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We have “plant whisperers” whose job is to scour the globe looking for unique and exotic plants. Nature provides us with the inspiration and then our growers do the rest, growing the plants in small batches to perfect the growing recipe.

We breed our Pileas in a way that makes them tougher and more resistant naturally.

We wouldn’t put chemically grown plants in our own homes so we wouldn’t sell them either.

Most growers source their plants from established breeders.

We search the world’s wilderness and source our plants in unconventional ways. We’re always looking to introduce new plants to the world. That’s our gig; our purpose. 

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We Grow To A Set Standard

Dark green coloured leaves,

no yellowish/white splotching! 

We developed for the Pilea a mix of food and soil (our secret recipe) that allows them to grow bigger and faster.

Pilea Peperomioides

Minimum of 12 branches

with a healthy curvature

and a little “spring” in their stems.

A strong and straight central stem to support the branches, that means more branches

and a fuller/nicer Pilea.

Not all Pileas produce the same number of sprouts at the same speed. Our Pileas have a 92% sprout rate and usually sprout a minimum of 3 sprouts within 2 months. Sometimes they come with sprouts already peeking out!  

Beautiful mother plants are the source of all baby Pilea, selectively bred for health, vibrancy, and toughness. We treat them like royalty and pamper them so that they grow as comfortably as possible without stress.   

We Take Special Care

(Because we love growing and gardening!)


Every Pilea is hand picked

and inspected for quality. We grow millions but every single one gets special care.

Our growers have as many Pilea

at home as the most diehard

of plant lovers and hobbyists!

We’re always looking to introduce undiscovered and exotic plants to the world.

The main criteria for hiring our growers is their love of plants; it’s a job but we also think it should be a passion.

We grow millions of plants every year for hobbyists around the world. We currently grow over

two dozen crops and have grown over 200 varietiessince 1976.

We have a laboratory

where we constantly research

ways of growing healthier plants that require less resources.  

Read about our laboratory

About Us

Our way of growing allows us

to provide plant lovers with

the highest quality Pileas at

a lower price. Until now people were overcharging for Pilea

($40 plus online!) and taking advantage of people who just wanted to share in the experience of growing Pilea and decorating with them. That’s not fair.

We are one of the main Pilea growers in North America and we work directly with the largest

Pilea Peperomioides grower

in Europe, Vlasmann.

We believe plants should be accessible to all, and that a healthy love of growing and gardening is important for future generations.    

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