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10 Exotic Houseplants You Have Never Heard Of

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Are you looking to add impact to your indoor garden? Check out these 10 exceptionally exotic houseplants you have probably never heard of!

10 Exotic Houseplants You Have Never Heard Of

1. Butterfly Wing

(Christia obcordata)

This wonderful and unique exotic plant will surely grab attention.

Christia obcordata is more commonly known as "butterfly wing" because of its triangular-shaped foliage with green and burgundy stripes.

It does not like to be too wet, and it does not want to be too dry; it will thrive in a shaded spot.

2. Wine Cup

(Crassula umbella)

Usually called “wine cup,” this fascinating succulent looks somewhat like an upside-down umbrella.

It features waxy, round-cupped leaves and creamy yellow flowers.

Like other succulents, Crassula umbella is easy to care for and will add an exotic flavor to any interiors.

3. Corkscrew Albuca

(Albuca spiralis)

Albuca spiralis is a rare plant with a fascinating shape.

Its leaves grow in curly ringlets here's why it's called “corkscrew.”

A native of the African desert, it needs little water, good light, but no bright sunlight.

4. Aechmea Blue Rain

This gorgeous bromeliad is as spectacular as it is easy to look after.

Its flowers look like a "rain" of blue-violet color. It can reach 50-60 cm in height, and its nuances will make it a point of sure attraction!

Grow it in bright light, but not full sun. It requires a lot of water, especially in the summer.

5. Guzmania Tempo

(Guzmania Lingulata)

Guzmania Lingulata produces an evergreen rosette of foliage, and a spectacular red inflorescence, which lasts for approximately six weeks.

Provide it with warmth, day and night, and keep it out of direct sunlight.

6. Silver Vase Plant

(Aechmea Fasciata)

Unusual but beautiful, the silver vase or “urn plant” belongs to bromeliad family.

Overall, growing this houseplant is similar to others – be careful with watering, provide bright indirect light.

7. Crispy Wave

(Japanese Asplenium Nidus Fern)

Native to Southeast Asia, Crispy Wave is easy to grow if the proper conditions are given – mainly warmth and humidity.

Bright indirect light and temperature around 70 °F are optimum for growing this fern indoors.

8. Ti Plant

(Cordyline fruticosa)

The Ti plant looks hot and gorgeous, thanks to its purple foliage with streaks of blazing pink.

This plant is drought tolerant but has a high light requirement – it must be kept somewhere where it can absorb both direct and indirect light.

9. Brazilian Fireworks

(Porphyrocoma pohliana)

The Brazilian Fireworks plant is a year-round delight with or without its flowers.

This shade-loving plant can be tricky to maintain but thrives best when subjected to bright, indirect sunlight and occasional watering.

10. Crown of Thorns

(Euphorbia milii)

This lovely plant is quite tolerant of neglect and thrives well as long as you place it in a bright spot and keep it dry.

Appreciated for its showy flowers and thick green leaves, it is a great choice for indoor gardening.

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