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10 Houseplants Decor Ideas

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Houseplants have a way of adding light, warmth and beauty to any space. That is why we are all obsessed with green-filled interiors! If you are searching for some new ideas to adorn your apartment, here are ten great ways to decorate with plants.

Houseplants Decor Ideas

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1. Don't leave that corner empty

Houseplants Decor Ideas Plant Corner
Image source: @doitplantit

Consider adding one or two large plants to that blank corner: it's the missing piece to your puzzle! If you have any areas of your home that are unfilled, creating a little plant nook will transform a dull space into a tiny indoor garden.

2. Make it geometric

Houseplants Decor Ideas Geometric Pots
Image source: @geometricpot

Geometric pots are the cutest. They look perfect on a desk or as the centerpiece on a dining table. Choose different colors and different shapes, and have fun matching them!

3. Hang it up!

Houseplants Decor Ideas Hanging Pot
Image source: @hangingpot

Choosing a hanging pot will make your plant pop, and it will add a new layer to your decor. It looks even better when paired with a cascading plant!

4. Fill your shelves

Houseplants Decor Ideas Shelves Plant Shelfie
Image source: @reginaland_art

Shelves can become a fantastic set up for an indoor garden. Get rid of those old knick-knacks and replace them with some greenery. Shelves are for plants!

5. A stairway to green

Houseplants Decor Ideas Stairs Staircase
Image source: @ewa_jungle

If not too shady, consider adding some houseplants to your staircase! This solution will make your stairs look warmer and more welcoming.

6. Make your own containers

Houseplants Decor Ideas DIY ideas paper pots containers book planter
Image source:

You can grow plants in almost anything: for example, you can create a lovely book planter (here the complete tutorial), or some paper flower pots as the ones in the picture. Read this post for some more DIY ideas!

7. Create a succulent dish garden

Houseplants Decor Ideas Succulent Dish Garden
Image source: Instagram @sirenofsucculents

Create a succulent dish garden to make your table or desk look gorgeous. It is easy to make: here's the complete tutorial!

8. Use mason jars

Houseplants Decor Ideas Mason jars herbs kitchen
Image source:

Mason jars can be an intelligent solution to decorate and cultivate at the same time. Why don't you start planting herbs in mason jars? You can mount them on a wall of your kitchen: they will look lovely. You can also create your own wall planter: learn how to do it here.

9. Make a terrarium mini-garden

Houseplants Decor Ideas Terrarium DIY
Image source: @myoffthewallinterior

A terrarium is like an aquarium, but for plants instead of fish! You can create a terrarium using any glass container. They are a simple and creative addition to any tabletop. Find out here how to make your own terrarium.

10. Old but gold: next to the couch

Houseplants Decor Ideas Couch Living Room
Image source: @ihavethisthingwithurbanjungles

Okay, probably this is the most common solution you have seen around. Still, such a neat and elegant option! Get a large plant and place it next to the sofa. It will instantly freshen up your living room!

As an Amazon Associate, we get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

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