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10 Kid-Friendly Houseplants

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

Do you want to share your green thumb with your child?

There is nothing better than combining children's love for getting dirty with the education of plants caring. Your kid will learn about patience and responsibility while having a lot of fun. Here's a list of houseplants that are easy to maintain, entertaining and kid-safe!

10 Kid-Friendly Houseplants

1. Tickle Me Plant

(Mimosa Pudica)

Image source: @floral.foliage

Also knows as "Sensitive Plant", its leaves react to touch and close up, and then they come back to their normal shape after a few minutes. Your kids will have a lot of fun playing with this plant!

2. Airplant


Airplant Tillandsia
Image source: @davesairplantcorner

This plant is doesn’t require any soil, so you can let your kid be creative with the container. Air plants can absorb water only through their leaves: you will need to spray the foliage once a week. Also, Tillandsia likes to soak in water for a couple of hours every 2-3 weeks.

3. Lucky Bamboo

(Dracaena sanderiana)

Lucky Bamboo Dracaena sanderiana
Image source: @elien.mombaerts

Not actually bamboo, but it does look like it!

This plant can be easily grown in water and can reach up to 5 feet. Pick a tall, transparent container, place some decorative stones or marbles at the bottom to stabilize the plant and fill it with at least 3 inches of water. Don’t leave this plant in direct sunlight, and keep it away from the air-conditioning!

4. Venus Fly Trap

(Dionaea muscipula)

Venus Fly Trap Dionaea muscipula
Image source: @eastlakecarnivores

This carnivorous plant is fun to grow and fascinating to watch and learn about.

It eats flies, and other insects as ants, using its clasping leaves to trap them.

Since the Venus Fly Trap needs to be assisted when grown indoor, your kid will literally learn how to feed the plant. Use some tweezers, and place an insect on an open leaf; then tickle the little hairs on the edges, until the leaf closes. Fun, right?

5. Living Stone


Living Stone Lithops
Image source: @cacti.cacti

These small plants have an odd but lovely shape, and they are really easy to care for.

They look like rocks and rarely get more than an inch above the soil surface. They do not need to be watered in their dormant season, which is fall to spring, and they need to get direct sunlight for a few hours a day.

6. Donkey Tail

(Sedum morganianum)

Donkey Tail Sedum morganianum
Image source: @growninthenorth

This eye-catching green succulent loves bright shade or partial sun and requires water every 10-14 days. Its juicy leaves get very thick as they grow and look lovely when displayed from a hanging basket. It's also really easy to propagate!

7. Earth Star Plant


Earth Star Plant Cryptanthus
Image source: Instagram @amandaandtheplants

Earth Star plants are unusual small indoor plants, which usually have variegated foliage, which makes them striking to look at. They look perfect on bright tabletops, and they make excellent living centerpieces. They're easy to grow, and they don't need constant nurturing.

8. Spider Plant

(Chlorophytum comosum)

Spider Plant Chlorophytum comosum
Image source: @iranplantoriginal

The Spider plant is a particularly interesting houseplant because it puts out tiny baby plants that resemble little spiders. These plantlets can be propagated quite easily by planting them into some soil.

It's a plant tolerant of neglect: it can grow in both full sun or full shade, as long as the soil is well-drained. The Spider plant will also help you kid breathe better since it can remove formaldehyde from the air.

9. Zebra Cactus

(Haworthia fasciata)

Zebra Cactus Haworthia Fasciata

Zebra haworthia is named Zebra cactus, although it's a succulent. Its striped leaves create an effect that's a real attention grabber for young children. Place this plant where it can receive plenty of sun or bright light, and remember to water less during the winter.

10. Christmas Cactus


Christmas Cactus Schlumbergera
Image source:

By lacking the common prickly thorns, this cactus makes a safer choice for kids. Schlumbergera will adapt to low light conditions but will produce large and bright blooms more quickly if exposed to some brighter light.

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