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10 Rare And Unusual Houseplants You Need Asap

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Sansevierias, peace lilies, cacti – they are all now part of the status quo when it comes to houseplants. Yet not everyone is content with having the same-old, same-old plants on shelves. If you want houseplants that are a bit on the wild side, consider the following ten rare and unusual houseplants!

10 Rare And Unusual Houseplants You Need Asap

1. Dolphin Succulents

Dolphin Succulents are a rare and unique succulent currently available only in Japan or through importing.

The leaves resemble – you guessed it – the profile of swimming dolphins, making this a true conversation piece.

2. Euphorbia Obesa

Euphorbia Obesa is commonly called the "baseball plant" due to its baseball-like shape.

It features a rounded shape with grey-green flesh that has pretty burgundy stripes, and when it blooms, it is topped off with green and pink blooms in the center.

3. Trachyandra

Trachyandra is a native African plant that resembles twisty straws, wound up pipe cleaners, or stringy octopus legs – depending on who you ask.

This highly unusual plant features leaf green to teal green coloring that will really pop in your home.

4. Platycerium

Platycerium is perfect for growing against the wall, thanks to the long, smooth, and unique leaves which look like animal horns.

A dozen or so of these interesting-looking "antler leaves" can spring from a single plant, which makes them a great statement piece on the wall.

5. Rose Succulents

If you've ever wanted a big rose that wasn't quite a rose, rose succulents are just the unusual plant for you.

These large succulents feature baby green petals that take the shape of a large rose – best of all, they come without all the hassle required to keep real roses alive.

6. Haworthia Cooperi

This odd-looking plant resembles light blue and green bubbles clumped together; the "bubbles" are actually rosettes surrounded by green leaves.

This particular plant is perfect for adding a touch of whimsy to your home.

7. Corkscrew Grass

Corkscrew grass looks like stylized ribbons that someone painstakingly curled for a bouquet, but corkscrew grass naturally grows that way!

Corkscrew grass easily grows in pots and can be found with other plants for a more distinct look.

8. Lucky Heart

Lucky Hearts are a type of succulent which are native to Southeast Asia.

Lucky Hearts are very popular around Valentine's Day, thanks to their unique, heart-shaped appearance.

When planted in a pot, they look as if a heart is growing out of the ground.

9. Euphorbia Caput-Medusae

This rare and unusual plant is sometimes referred to as "Medusa's Hand," thanks to its multiple stems, which resemble a sea-serpent or other scaled aquatic creature.

This plant is native to South Africa and looks great with other South African plants.

10. Euphorbia Tirucalli

Euphorbia Tirucalli, commonly called "Sticks On Fire", is a branch-based plant featuring green stems that taper off into a vibrant red coloring.

This plant makes a great statement piece in indoor planters.

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