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10 Ways Houseplants Can Make Your Life Better

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

There are several reasons why houseplants are nothing but positive life companions.

Indoor plants are way more than just decoration: let's find out how adding greenery to your home or office can boost the quality of your life!

Houseplants Make Life Better

1. They make your home look more lively and tidy

Plants are a great way to add some life and joy to your apartment.

Plants can improve the perception of your homeplace, and create a pleasant, soothing vibe. You will start feeling more connected to your space, and your house will feel warmer, more lived in and loved.

2. They purify the air and minimize allergies

Plants breathe oppositely as us: they constantly release oxygen, while absorbing carbon dioxide. Research by NASA has shown that some houseplants can eliminate up to 87 percent of air toxins in 24 hours.

They can remove carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, ammonia, pollen, mold, and more – all those substances causing headaches, fatigue, sickness, and allergies.

Adding a Crispy Wave to your plant collection will dramatically improve the quality of the air in your apartment. The waviness of the Crispy Wave's fronds allows the plant to produce oxygen to a higher degree. Also, the fronds' thickness and rigidity allow the Crispy Wave to filter particles such as benzene and formaldehyde.

A Spider Plant is an excellent plant to absorb allergens: this plant can eliminate almost 90% of toxins in a room in a few days.

NASA scientists also found that English Ivy is another excellent air-filtering houseplant, and it's the best at absorbing formaldehyde.

3. They help healing processes and improve health

Several studies have found that patients in hospitals show higher pain tolerance when surrounded by plants. Plants seem to be "positively distracting", helping in shifting the focus away from the illness.

Houseplants reduce coughs by up to 37 percent, and lower tiredness by up to 30 percent. Indoor plants can also help with dizziness, nasal congestion, headaches, and skin symptoms.

4. They improve concentration and productivity

Research has shown that employees are more productive, more attentive and less stressed when indoor plants are included in the workplace.

You could consider adding a plant to your desk: indoor plants can boost concentration up to 15 percent!

Also, a study at the Royal College of Agriculture revealed that when in a room with plants, students can manifest up to 70% greater attentiveness.

5. They help you relaxing, fighting stress and anxiety

Surrounding yourself with plants gives you a sort of “mental restoration”, a calming effect on your mind and emotions.

There is a connection in our minds between plants and taking a break in nature, which can generate a positive influence.

According to the Journal of Environmental Psychology, flowering houseplants are the best in helping decrease stress levels.

6. They make you happier

Researchers discovered that our brains see greenery as positive and familiar since humanity lived most of its existence among vegetation.

Also, we often associate green with “getting away": plants could subconsciously remind us of moments spent in natural settings during happy holiday times.

Finally, taking care of houseplants is a calming ritual that can give you a purpose: keeping them healthy is a source of joy! There is nothing more rewarding than seeing your plant that grows and thrives.

7. They are natural humidifiers

Plants let go around 97 percent of the water they take in, in the form of moisture vapor.

If you place several plants in your room, the humidity ratio will rise; this can help with dry skin problems, colds, sore throats and dry coughs.

Boston Fern is one of the best natural humidifiers. The pores on the bottom of their leaves sweat and release much-needed moisture, through a process called transpiration.

8. They reduce background noise

Plant parts such as stems, leaves, branches, and wood absorb sound.

When sound waves hit a flexible material like plants, the material will vibrate, and the waves convert into other forms of energy, as well as reflecting in different directions.

Also, when plants are used to cover a surface, they can help refracting sound, performing such as a carpet.

9. They relieve eye strain

When your eyes are irritated or tired, maybe after hours in front of a computer, all you have to do is to look at plants.

It's believed that admiring plants could also prevent glaucoma and cataracts.

10. They inspire creativity

Seeking for some inspiration? Add some plants to your place!

Some vibrant green leaves and colorful flowers can boost your creativity and give you new ideas. 

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