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5 Mobile Apps That Will Help You Take Care Of Your Plants

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

Do you want to be a better plant parent? These five apps will help your plants thriving.

You can plan, troubleshoot problems, identify species, and discover care tips, just by using your smartphone!

Houseplants Mobile Apps Smartphone

1. Plantsnap

Plantsnap is a free mobile application for iOS and Android that helps you identifying plants. Take a picture of the plant, and this app will tell you the name right away.

2. Gardening Reference Guide

Gardening Reference Guide is a free app for iOS that provides care instructions and advice for hundreds of flowers and plants.

You can learn about which region your plant is from, light, water, soil and climate requirements, and bloom or harvest times.

3. Sun Seeker/Sun Surveyor

The majority of houseplants require one among these three amounts of sunlight: full sun (6+ hours of sunlight), partial sun (4-5 hours of sunlight), and full shade (no direct sunlight).

These two apps will help you determine how much sun your plant is getting.

Both Sun Seeker and Sun Surveyor use your location to track the sun's movement. Thanks to the augmented reality feature, you can put your phone right where the plant sits and get a view of the sun's movement throughout the day.

4. Happy Plant

Did you forget to water your plants, again?

Happy Plant is a free app for iOS that will help you get on a regular watering schedule.

Creative planning, plant selfies, and fun videos will bring fun into your watering routine!

5. My Garden

Through the website and the app, you can build your personal growing calendar, follow other gardeners and share knowledge. You'll be able to keep track of what you’re growing and show off to other plant lovers!

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