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Best Spooky Plants For Your Halloween Decoration

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

Getting ready for Halloween? Our green friends can help you decorate the house!

Here is a list of unusual but beautiful plants that will add the perfect creepy vibe to your party.

Best Spooky Plants For Your Halloween Decoration

"Black" Succulent

(Sinocrassula Yunnanensis)

Image source: @la_kitsune

Sinocrassula Yunnanensis is a rosette succulent that can be found in a deep dark variety, which is technically green, but so dark that it often looks like black. Remember that over watering can be fatal for this black beauty: better leave it dry rather than too wet.


Image source:

The shape of this plant is so unusual that it looks like is coming from another planet, but it does come from planet Earth! It's originating from South Africa and grows at its best on well-drained sandy or rocky soils.

Fishbone Cactus

(Selenicereus Anthonyanus)

Fishbone Cactus
Image source: @onlinebabyplants

Like most cacti, this plant is relatively low-maintenance and hardy. It's native to southern Mexico, and it produces colorful pink flowers when it blooms.

Crassula Umbella

Crassula umbella
Image source: @tumbleweedplantssg

Also know as "Wine Cup", Crassula Umbella is a succulent plant really easy to grow. Like every other succulent, you just need to make sure you are not over watering.


Image source: @jenwalkersf

Also called "Staghorn Fern," this plant has uniquely shaped leaves that look like animal horns. It grows well when mounted on a plaque, and looks perfect when hanged on the wall.

Haworthia Cooperi

Image source: @zeen_kawee

This fleshy and glowing succulent plant grows in small rosettes. Sometimes, its leaves can be so transparent that you can see through it!

Spiral Grass

(Moraea Tortilis)

Spiral Grass Moraea Tortilis
Image source: @mialroga

This plant looks like someone took scissors to it to give it a spiral shape! Moraea tortilis is a hardy and drought tolerant plant that grows in a regular but granular soil mix, and it will thrive with plenty of sunlight and moderate water.

Euphorbia Obesa

Ephorbia Obesa Basketball Plant
Image source:

Euphorbia Obesa resembles a ball, which is why it's commonly named "Baseball Plant". It's a slow growing plant that can hold water in a reservoir. Place it in a sunny position, water occasionally in the summer and keep dry in winter.

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