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Cute Small Houseplants Perfect For Tiny Spaces

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Small houseplants are the perfect addition to any living space, whether you're looking to brighten up a one-bedroom apartment or you want your small bedroom to get a burst of beautiful greenery. If you're searching for plants that will fit a tiny space, consider adding the following ones to your wishlist!

Cute Small Houseplants Perfect For Tiny Spaces

1. Polka Dot Plant

If you're looking for a plant that truly exudes cuteness, you can't go wrong with this whimsical looking plant.

It comes in shades of pink, green, red, and white, so you can even grow them to match your decor.

When growing indoors, Polka Dot Plants require rich, moist soil to keep up the humidity and exposure to filtered sunlight.

2. Pilea & Mini Pilea

Pilea has become an extremely popular houseplant, thanks to its quirky but fascinating appearance and for being easily propagated.

This plant usually stays petite – 30-40 centimeters in high maximum – and can live up to 10 years or more.

In case you need an even smaller plant, mini Pilea will stay tiny and fit any little nook of your home!

3. Lucky Bamboo

Despite the name and appearance, Lucky Bamboo is not actually bamboo, but a member of the lily family.

It is a low-maintenance indoor plant – you won't have to do much aside from deciding how to plant it, set in a bright space, and let it thrive.

Lucky bamboo can even be planted in water if you prefer to use a non-soil plant setup.

This plant can actually grow up to 2 to 3 feet tall over time, but you can safely cut the top off with plant shears to keep it to a more manageable size.

4. Aloe & Mini Aloe

Aloe Vera is a must-have houseplant. Actually, it's more than just a houseplant: it's an all-natural healer.

The sticky substance contained inside the leaves of this succulent has endless benefits and can be used in many applications.

Aloe Vera can grow up to 60–100 cm (24–39 inches) tall. If you are running low on space, you can consider buying a mini Aloe, that will stay even smaller!

5. Echeveria

Echeveria is a true conversation piece for any small place. This highly distinct succulent features over-sized foliage that grows into a rosette shape.

It comes in many colors, including purples, reds, pinks, blues, and even teals, and looks especially nice in smaller pots, which creates a focal point for the large 'rosette.'

This plant requires bright, indirect sunlight for most of the day before being moved to partial sunlight – but make sure not to expose it to full afternoon sunlight, which can be too harsh.

6. African Violets

African Violets bloom all year-round and are famous for their numerous colorful flowers.

They like to be watered from the bottom: you can just let your Violet sit in 3/4” of tepid water for 5-7 minutes, and it will absorb all it needs by itself!

You can find them in many color varieties: light blue, dark blue, pink, purple, red, white, blue-white, and pink-white. And if you want an even smaller solution, you can go for a cute mini African Violet!

7. Oxalis

If you're looking for a small space-friendly plant that is truly cute, you can't go wrong with this Oxalis! This unique plant has dark purple leaves that resemble shamrocks or butterflies, depending on your point of view.

Oxalis requires partial sunlight, but make sure it doesn't get too wet or moist, particularly if you live somewhere with a colder climate.

Oxalis looks especially great with white or light colored pots since the purple leaves provide a nice contrast. It can bloom in the right conditions, producing white, pink, or purple blossoms.

8. Kalanchoe & Mini Kalanchoe

Kalanchoes are popular succulent houseplants with colorful, long-lasting blooms.

They tend to stay small, and they are easy to grow – the perfect addition for a side table or a windowsill.

Also, it's very easy to find, and it's grown in a wide range of colors such as yellow, pink, magenta, orange and red.

9. Asparagus Fern

If you love little green plants, then you'll love the cute little Asparagus Fern. Despite the name, the Asparagus Fern is actually a member of the lily family.

It has a beautiful bright green color and fern-like leaves which will brighten up any living space; it looks especially nice when paired with small, light-colored pots which will contrast against the green leaves.

It needs bright indirect sunlight and regular watering, especially when it's warm outside.

10. Peperomia Watermelon

Peperomia plants usually reach only 8 inches in height and width if planted in a container large enough to allow for root development.

The beautiful Peperomia Watermelon – so-called for its similarity of appearance to the rind of watermelon – is the perfect addition to a desk or a table.

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