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How To Encourage Your Pilea To Grow Pups

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

No trace of babies on your Pilea?

If you are struggling with seeing plantlets growing, try to follow these simple tips!

How To Encourage Pilea Peperomioides Pups Growth

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1. Cut off the top half

If your plant is healthy, you can try chopping off the top. Your Pilea will then find fresh energy to grow in a new direction - up, down, out, or with new pups. Watch this clip to find out more!

2. Cut at least one plantlet

Cutting plantlets may stimulate growth. You'll usually get a few new pups where you cut one. Try that and wait a few weeks!

3. Don’t forget to feed your Pilea

Feeding your Pilea is really important to enhance growth; it will also give more color to the plant. You can feed the soil with a liquid fertilizer once a month to help promote strong root development and healthy foliage growth. Use only all-purpose liquid fertilizer (20-20-20) diluted to half strength.

4. Do not to cover the soil with any rocks or decorative pebbles

It's important to leave the soil free from any pebbles, so the plantlets can comfortably pop up through the soil.

5. Never forget to pinch your plant

Dead leaves should regularly be removed to encourage a bushy plant! Pinching off brown or yellow leaves will encourage new growth.

6. Be sure to take care of your Pilea

Are you giving Pilea the right amount of water? Is your Pilea receiving indirect light only? What’s the temperature of the room where you placed your plant?

To make sure you’re giving your green buddy all the love it deserves, take a look at our complete tutorial on how to look after your Pilea!

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Unknown member
Dec 27, 2018

Hello Toria! Welcome to the Pilea family ❤️ Loving plants is definitely a healthy habit 😍


Toria Brown
Toria Brown
Dec 27, 2018

I just purchased my first Pilea Peperomioides!! I am in love with it!! Is this healthy? :)

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