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How To Improve Air Circulation For Your Pilea

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Air circulation is one of the most important aspects of plant care – but most people don’t know it! Excellent air circulation is essential if you want your Pilea to grow and thrive all season long. Thankfully, there are many ways you can improve your home air circulation – it will also help you breathe fresher air, feel less tired, reduce the chances for mold growth, and musty smells!

How To Improve Air Circulation For Your Pilea

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Install A Fan Or Fan System

A fan is a simple and inexpensive way to improve air circulation. Fans will keep the airflow in a particular space moving, which will help boost air circulation whenever the fan is running.

For best results, look for a fan that can help improve air circulation in the entire room rather than small fans, which might only improve air circulation for a tiny space. For instance, ceiling fans or larger room fans that can be placed in windows are a good option.

Remember, however, that the goal isn’t to place the fan near your Pilea – you don’t want the fan blowing directly on the plant. Instead, you want the fan to circulate air throughout the room.

If you can, look for a fan that is specifically designed to improve air circulation and not just cool down the temperature in your home. These fans will typically have a rotating function, which helps improve the airflow in your home.

Give Your Pilea Enough Space

If you have more than one plant or you are growing your Pilea in a room with plenty of knick-knacks, furniture, or other objects, then you could be reducing the air circulation in the room. You can give the circulation around the plant a fast boost by giving your Pilea its own personal bubble of space.

For instance, if you have several plants placed in the corner of a room, make sure they are placed far enough apart that the leaves aren’t touching. This will help air circulate around each plant’s leaves, which in turn will help increase the benefits that come with good air circulation.

As a general rule of thumb, avoid placing your Pilea in a super tight spot such as small corners, jammed onto bookshelves, or any other area where they wouldn’t be able to enjoy a gentle breeze blowing through their leaves.

If you’re having trouble finding a spot on the floor or table, consider installing some sturdy floating wall shelves! They will help your plants get better air circulation while adding to the overall aesthetic of your home. Hanging planters are another option.

Keep Your Home Ventilation Clean

When was the last time that you had the ductwork and vents in your home cleaned? If you are like most homeowners or apartment dwellers, then it has probably been a while.

Unfortunately, when your home’s ventilation system isn’t clean, this means that the air in your home isn’t very clean either. Over time, various types of debris – from dirt to dust and everything in between – will build up in your ventilation system. If it isn’t cleaned out, then the debris-filled air will circulate in your home.

This can cause excessive dust build-up, allergies, and other issues for both you and your Pilea. Remember to have your ventilation system cleaned regularly to help you and your plant stay clean and healthy.

Place Your Pilea Near A Window

If you have a Northern or Eastern window that can be opened up (only in spring, summer, and warmer fall days, of course), then it’s time to move your Pilea there!

Some fresh air can be very beneficial for a plant. Simply opening up the window and letting your plant enjoy some fresh air now and then will do wonders for the air circulation around your plant.

However, remember to avoid placing your Pilea in direct sunlight, and keep an eye out for any sudden drafts. Watch out also for pests that can make their way in through the open window and nibble on your plant’s leaves.

Have A Quality Exhaust System

Exhaust systems are essential in any home – they help recycle the indoor air with fresh air, which keeps the air from becoming stagnate and musty.

You can make sure that the exhaust system in your home is doing its job by choosing a quality exhaust system when installing a new one, or making sure that your current system is well-maintained.

Remember, regular maintenance on both ventilation systems and exhaust systems will go a long way towards improving the air circulation in your home!

Why Air Circulation Is Essential For Plants

Air circulation is one of the most underappreciated factors when it comes to helping plants grow and thrive.

Most Pilea lovers know that factors such as humidity, temperature, amount of sunlight, and water can impact the health and growth of a plant. But air circulation can be just as important as these other factors.

Good air circulation prevents water condensation from growing on leaves, helps promote water evaporation, and can reduce the chances for moisture-based problems with plants such as pests, root rot, and even fungi growth. Without good air circulation, a Pilea plant is at a higher risk of developing these issues.

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