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How To Protect Pilea From Your Pet

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

Growing plants in a home with pets may lead to some problems. Some pets are attracted by plants: cats often love to snack on leaves and stems, while dogs enjoy playing with pots and soil. Follow these tips and learn how to keep your pet away from Pilea!

Pilea Peperomioides Pets Cats Dogs

1. Keep Your Pilea Out Of Reach

Pilea Peperomioides Pets Cats Dogs
Source: @wonderlijkwoud

You can either place the plant in a high location or purchase a tall plant stand.

A stand can be a great solution for small pets: it's a nice way to display you Pilea, and it can keep the plant out of your pet's reach.

If your pet is strong enough to overturn a stand, you may consider using a hanging planter.

Also, you can try positioning your Pilea on high shelves or on top of tall furniture. If you have many houseplants, you could even be able to avoid your pet from reaching the windowsill or the shelf where your Pilea is by simply filling it completely with plants.

Finally, you can try to move your Pilea to a room that is off-limits to your pet.

2. Train Your Pet To Stay Away From Your Pilea

Your pet should learn that playing with houseplants is no fun. When you find your pet messing with the plant, show your disapproval and do it every time. It can be a loud noise or a "no" in a firm tone. Never hurt your pet: it's abusive, and will not help with training.

Pilea Peperomioides Pets Cats Dogs
Source: @fraeuleinnussboeck

Always show your approval when your pet moves away from the plant after you say so. Give a treat or praise, or try petting. Just do something that your pet loves: it may be more effective and memorable.

If your pet messes with the plant when you're not around, find a way to alert your pet even if you're not there. For example, you can position empty cans in front of the plant, so they fall when your pet gets near.

Training your pet will take effort and patience. The key to effective training is consistency and repetition.

3. Make Pilea Unattractive To Your Pet

Pilea Peperomioides Pets Cats Dogs
Source: @huisje.plantje.beestje

Spray your Pilea with a pet deterrent. You can purchase a spray product, like the one called Bitter Apple, or use some chili pepper sauce diluted with water. Use it regularly to dissuade your pet from attempting to eat or overturn your Pilea.

Also, you can try to create a barrier covering the ground around the plant with vinegar and ammonia.

If you have a cat, line the border of the pot or the edge of the shelf where you placed your Pilea with some double-sided tape: cats detest to walk on it.

4. Cover The Soil In Your Pot

Pilea Peperomioides Pets Cats Dogs
Source: @pilea.lovers

Some pets have fun when digging in the soil. If this is your case, you may consider covering the soil of your Pilea with large rocks.

You can also place unappealing items on the soil, as pieces of aluminium foil or pine cones. For example, cats don't like the feeling of foil under their paws.

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