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Top 10 Pilea Instagram Profiles

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

Pilea is a real star of our Instagram feeds, with hundreds of new pictures published every day. From big accounts to smaller profiles, numberless Instagram pages are celebrating this lovely and mysterious plant. Let's take a look at some of the best we have found!

1. @pileaplace

One of the biggest Instagram accounts about Pilea, followed by more than 30.000 people.

They also have an online shop, where you can buy small and large Pileas, awesome pots and lovely pins celebrating the love for our green friends.

2. @pileanursery_vancouver

A great Instagram page, run by the Canadian Ishan Che.

Some of his plants are available for sale, and he also owns an Etsy shop.

3. @stek.pileastekjes

One of the nicest Pilea accounts around, directly from The Netherlands!

Here you can get some awesome Pilea decor inspiration.

4. @yorbapilea

A great account where the founder shares his experience with growing, propagating and gifting a lot of Pileas.

Follow the journey of all of these plants: they all have their own names, and they are grown with lots of love!

5. @pilea.lovers

A nice feed, collecting pictures from Pilea lovers all around the world.

For true Pilea addicted only!

6. @pileaworld

A newly born but fascinating Pilea account!

7. @pilea.pilea

Lots of babies on this sweet IG profile!

8. @pileatothepeople

A Pilea enthusiast from UK, celebrating the beautiful shape of this plant!

9. @iampepepilea

Follow the adventures of Pepe, a cute and happy Pilea that keeps growing and propagating.

10. @pileapeperomioides

Australian account documenting the happy and bright life of some lovely Pileas.


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