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Top 5 Blogs About Houseplants

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

Houseplants have become a massive trend on the Internet.

More and more people are getting obsessed with plants: they live in reduced urban spaces, and they want to get back in touch with nature. Hundreds of blogs are now celebrating the love for indoor jungles: we have selected the top 5 websites around!

Houseplant Blogs Bloggers

Urban Jungle Bloggers

A project started in 2013 by two friends to bring more green into homes, has now become a cult brand amongst houseplants lovers all over the world. In 2016, the book "Urban Jungle" has become a must-have for every plant lover.

Urban Jungle Bloggers is all about living with plants. The goal is to highlight not only the styling and decorating aspect, but also the beneficial effects houseplants have on our lives.

Urban Jungle Bloggers has collaborated with many different brands, from big global companies like IKEA, Pinterest and Urban Outfitters, to smaller ones. In October 2015 Urban Jungle Bloggers won the Meet the Blogger Innovation Award in Amsterdam.

Houseplant journal

Darryl Cheng built this blog to give people the simplest and clearest care tips about houseplants. His mission is to help other plant lovers to enjoy healthy, thriving plants.

On his blog, he shares advice and care techniques, useful Q&A, he shows his visits to gardens, plant nurseries, and shops and he also highlights some specific plants. If you are searching for a complete and thorough source about houseplants, this is the right place!

The Sill The Plant Hunter Blog

Not just a plant shop.

The Sill is "a modern plant destination for the modern plant lover".

On this website, you will find growing tips, interviews, tutorials, plant stories and myths, decorations and style advice.

If you are a true plant chaser, here you will find food for your mind!

Clever Bloom

Erin is a wife and mom from Oregon who started a blog to share all her thoughts and ideas about houseplant care, DIYs, and decor!

Green Obsessions

Barbara is the founder of this great blog all about indoor gardening.

She is particularly interested in big leafy plants, moss, terrariums, succulents and air plants.

On her blog, you can find "The Plants @ Yours", a section where she enjoys interviewing plant lovers all around the world!

Extra Bonuses:

On The Ledge Jane Perrone

On The Ledge is a podcast all about houseplants.

Enjoy Jane Perrone's episodes while she goes through plant care tips, interior design ideas, and exciting interviews!

Bloom & Grow Radio

Maria, the host of this podcast, was a plant killer; now she wants you to love plants at least as much as she does.

Every month she lines up a great list of guests and plant experts to help all the plant lovers out there and bring "planty" people together!

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