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Top 5 Pilea Decorating Ideas

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Pilea is a great houseplant to include into your decor, a must-have to add some charm to your home. This plant is incredibly elegant, delicate and stylish, thanks to those gorgeous and perfectly round leaves, and those neat and linear stems. Pilea will look great in the living room, the kitchen or on any side table and will make your home look modish and contemporary.

Pilea Peperomioides Decor Ideas

1. Kitchen

Pilea Peperomioides Decor Ideas Kitchen
Source: @aufderkleewiese

How cute does Pilea look in the kitchen? This decor idea deserves our first position!

Make sure the plant is far enough from any heating source that could damage the leaves.

2. Living Room Window Seal

This is the perfect place for your Pilea! Just be sure your window is facing north, east or northeast; use shears or blinds if facing south or west.

3. Bed Side Table

Imagine this: waking up day morning next to your green friend...

There's no happier good morning!

4. Bathroom

Pilea loves humidity: it will be the perfect green pal for your bathroom!

You only need to be sure the leaves won't directly soak in the water.

5. Hanging Pilea

Pilea is a great plant to place in a hanging pot or a terrarium.

And it looks beautiful!

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Toria Brown
Toria Brown

where did you get the planter that has three pots connected?

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