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Top Houseplant Instagram Profiles

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

Houseplants, houseplants, houseplants... They are everywhere on Instagram!

We know you are obsessed (and we are too!), that is why we surfed the web to find the best green-filled Instagram profiles out there!

Houseplants Instagram Profiles

An interior designer with a great taste for plants and a beautiful Pilea family. Check out also her blog!

You will find a stunning minimalist feed on this beautiful profile, some pretty houseplants and a lovely Pilea family!

Lots of plants on white for this Canadian plant lover based in England! Her taste for contrast makes her feed look splendid.

Follow Amanda, a landscape designer with a true passion for greenery! Her house is full of gorgeous plants.

A dutch interior lover with an excellent eye for design and two sweet Pilea plants.

A girl who used to live in a forest and now moved to a city. Her way to stay in touch with nature? Filling her house with plants!

Terracotta pots are taking over this fantastic feed from Paris!

If you have a passion for some beautiful foliage, this feed won't let you down!

Kristina is a sweet geographer and the mom of 81 plants. We had a delightful chat with her, and we discovered she is a real Mother Nature lover.

Enjoy gazing at Lizzy's plants: they are all charming!

This sweet girl from The Netherlands lives in a wonderful and cozy indoor jungle! We love looking at her plants.

This lady documents her everyday life with her plants!

Carole Beyer is an adorable French lady and a passionate plant lover. We talked with her and discovered her love for plants began in the very first years of her life.

This Russian girl put together an incredible indoor jungle! She's the mom of 77 plants and a beautiful cat! She revealed to us that talking to her plants is part of her morning routine.

Lauren is a cat-girl who discovered the houseplants world just recently. She owns 47 houseplants and a cute Pilea family!

She told us about her enthusiasm for plants: through her words, we learnt about a lovely story of shared passions and friendship!

Welcome to Eryn and Ryan's plant-filled apartment in Toronto!

Follow Monica and enjoy her cacti and succulents collection!

An Italian girl from Milan, mom of a beautiful terrarium & miniature indoor garden!

Traci Wright is the founder of the inspiring blog, and owner of four beautiful Pileas!

Her motto is "cheers to houseplants: the more, the merrier!": we loved hearing about her passion for our green friends!

Follow Leayen and enjoy a bright and gorgeous indoor jungle!

Thijmen is a funny plant guy from Holland.

His small apartment is filled with more than 60 plants!

He's what we would call a true plant whisperer: discover why reading his interview!

A lot of lovely plants framed with a clean and minimalistic style: we fell in love with it!

Katelin calls herself a "plantaholic: she has over than 100 houseplants!

Jesse is a Canadian guy who created a beautiful indoor jungle in his 600 square feet apartment and gathered more than fourteen thousand people around his Instagram profile!

Discover more about this guy by reading the lovely chat we had with him.


Don't forget to check out also our Instagram profile @passitonplant.

You will find a gallery full of tips, ideas, and inspiration about Pilea Peperomioides!

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