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10 Variegated Houseplants That Will Add A Touch Of Soul To Your Home

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Variegated houseplants have been trending high, thanks to their distinct appearance which adds a lot of character, aesthetic appeal and yes, even soul to a home. If you are ready to add some unique vibrancy to your home, consider the following variegated houseplants!

 Variegated Houseplants That Will Add A Touch Of Soul To Your Home

1. Red Aglaonema

Red Aglaonemas are low maintenance, easy to grow plants which can thrive in just about any climate and under low, medium, and bright light conditions.

Red Aglaonemas can even survive inconsistent watering thanks to their hardy nature.

Red Aglaonemas feature lush green leaves that contain variegation of pink, white, red, and even gold shades.

2. Earth Star

Earth Star is an almost spider-like variegated plant which features varying shades of red and pink that give it a tropical feel.

Unlike other tropical plants, Earth Star has relatively low water requirements and grows best in bright sunlight for the most vibrant colors.

3. Pothos

Pothos is a vibrant, variegated houseplant that features heart-shaped leaves that are streaked in shades of gold and cream.

Pothos is easy to grow and can handle being inconsistently watered or placed in a variety of different light conditions.

It looks best in a hanging basket or tied to a trellis so it can grow up.

4. Nerve Plant

Nerve Plants are a unique plant which has dark green leaves with contrasting veins in shades of white, red, and pink.

Nerve plants require consistent watering, or the colors tend to look more subdued.

They can be grown in medium to bright sunlight and, when taken care of properly, will have stunning vibrant colors that contrast wonderfully together.

5. Rattlesnake Plant

The Rattlesnake Plant is so-named due to the striking appearance of its leaves, which are a crinkled texture with green and black contrasting marks, giving them a rattlesnake-like appearance.

This particular plant requires medium to bright sunlight and regular watering, although it should not be overwatered.

6. Watermelon Peperomia

Watermelon Peperomia, with its dark and light green leaves that resemble a watermelon, is the perfect option when you want something truly striking for your home.

The plant grows best in bright indirect sunlight, but if the leaves brown, be sure to put it in the shade.

7. Flapjack

Also known as Paddle Plant, this variegated succulent has wide, smooth green leaves with contrasting pink tones.

Flapjacks thrive in full sun or partial sun and can withstand underwatering.

8. Adam's Needle

Adam's Needle is a striking variegated plant with thin, spiky green leaves with contrasting yellow and orange stripes.

Adam's Needle needs medium to bright sun and relatively little water to thrive.

9. Houttuynia

Houttuynia is an easygoing plant with variegated shades of light green, dark green along with touches of red and yellow on the edges.

Houttuynia can thrive in medium to bright sun but needs plenty of water to ensure vibrant colors and potentially even white blooms.

10. Hosta

Hosta is a beautiful plant with wide, golden-yellow leaves that contain contrasting green variegation along the edges.

Hosta can easily grow in low sunlight and needs regular watering in order to thrive.

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