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Why We All Love Pilea So Much

No other plant species is collecting more pictures than Pilea Peperomioides. Its bizarre look is the perfect subject for some "gram-worthy" photos: Pilea has become one of the most liked houseplants in the world!

Pilea Peperomioides Love

Perfect When Paired With A Minimalist Design

Those gorgeous and perfectly round leaves, mixed with neat and linear stems, make this plant incredibly elegant, delicate and stylish, especially when matched with a minimalist interior design!

This plant looks like it comes from another planet, but in a modish and contemporary way.

The lovely petite size makes Pilea the perfect decoration for a living room, a kitchen or any side table. A must-have to get as quickly as possible to make your interior ever more charming: this tropical plant is your best decorative idea!

The Most Social Houseplant

Houseplants on Instagram are doing great; it's a fact. The trend of collecting houseplants has become huge: more and more people are now living in a city, in reduced spaces, where contact with nature is limited, and the green farther away.

The easiest way to get back in touch with nature is to have plants at home (and why not some Pileas?) and create your own indoor urban jungle. It won't only give a touch of green to your IG profile: your houseplants will clean up the air of your home, and they will become the perfect anti-stress. Taking care of them will make you feel good.

Pilea is the houseplant that has seduced plant lovers the most on social media. This unusual looking plant has invaded the world: it seems like it has an irresistible call for plant lovers. It's a real star of our Instagram feeds, with thousands of hundreds published photos from all around the world.

Instagram profiles keep coming to light to celebrate this lovely and mysterious plant, and we are one of them. With our Instagram page Pass It On Plant we want to spread the love for this mysterious plant around North America and beyond. Don't forget to follow us and keep sharing the fun!

Rare, But Easy To Care And Share

Pilea has always been rare and hard to findand maybe this is one of the reasons why it's so desired - especially here in North America. But this is finally changing!

Pilea is easy to grow, keep alive and propagate. Anyone can turn his home into a personal Pilea paradise, and gift a baby to friends and family. It's the funniest part about this plant: to spread the love and the fun as each plant grows!

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