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10 Christmas Houseplants That Will Add Extra Cheer To Your Home

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Christmas is the time for caring, compassion, and good cheer. And what better way to add good cheer to your home than with some wonderful houseplants that will have you singing holiday tunes all season long? The following are 10 Christmas houseplants that will add extra cheer to your home this holiday season.

10 Christmas Houseplants That Will Add Extra Cheer To Your Home

1. Poinsettia

(Euphorbia pulcherrima)

Poinsettia is the classic Christmas plant you can find just about everywhere around the winter holidays.

Poinsettia features stunning red leaves with soft gold centers. It's a tropical plant, so it needs direct sunlight and plenty of moisture.

2. Holly


It's not a "holly jolly Christmas" without Holly!

This plant has distinct rubbery green leaves with red holly berries, that have been associated with the winter season for hundreds of years.

Holly should be kept in full sunlight with well-drained soil for the best results.

3. Amaryllis

Amaryllis are striking red flowers with bell-shaped blooms that can add warmth and delight to any Christmas season.

Amaryllis are tropical flowers, so they need to be kept warm and moist in bright indirect light in order to bloom.

4. Christmas Cactus


If you want something that's more out-there than the standard red Christmas flowers, consider a Christmas Cactus.

Christmas Cactus grows best in indirect sunlight with regular watering, but make sure to give the plant about 12 hours of darkness for 6 weeks leading up to Christmas to ensure blooms.

5. Paperwhite Narcissus

(Narcissus papyraceus)

Paperwhite Narcissus is a beautiful white flower with bell-shaped blooms that provide plenty of fragrance during the holiday season.

Paperwhite Narcissus needs indirect sunlight and regular watering to ensure the blooms stay fresh and beautiful.

6. Winter Cherry

(Withania somnifera)

This iconic Christmas plant features dark green leaves and bright, almost tomato-like berries peppering the leaves with their red color.

Winter Cherry needs to be kept in bright indirect sunlight and shouldn't be allowed to get too warm.

7. Christmas Azalea

(Rhododendron Christmas Cheer)

Christmas Azalea is a shrub that produces red flowers iconic around Christmas time.

Christmas Azalea blooms during the winter months, making them perfect for Christmas.

It requires indirect and partial shade light conditions and cool temperatures.

8. Christmas Rose

(Helleborus Niger)

The Christmas Rose is actually not a rose, but its place during Christmas time has a long and storied tradition that goes back to ancient Europe.

Christmas Roses are a delicate soft pink color with butter-yellow centers. They are hardy plants that grow best in partial shade with well-drained soil.

9. Paperwhite

(Narcissus Papyraceus)

Paperwhites are highly fragrant tall flowers that are easy to grow.

They make perfect Christmas centerpieces that add beauty and a great scent to your home during the Christmas season.

They grow extremely easily in water.

10. Cyclamen

Cyclamen is a unique plant that features upswept petals in an iconic red shade, though white, purple and pink varieties are also available.

Red Cyclamens are most common around Christmas.

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