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Plant Whisperers: That Planty Life

Plant Whisperers is our blog section where, each month, we interview Pilea lovers and plant enthusiasts all over the world!

Plant Whisperers: Soil Mates

This month we met Allyson and Lindsey from @thatplantylife. They are two lovely sisters obsessed with plants and home decor. They created a beautiful blog where every month, they highlight a different plant and go over everything you need to know to care for it. 

Hello Allyson, hello Lindsey!

How did you girls become plant lovers?

A: I bought my first two plants, a fiddle leaf fig, and a dwarf Schefflera, shortly after I got married. Then, my next semester at college I took a houseplant class as an elective and that’s when the real obsession started!

L: Allyson had so many beautiful plants and then gave me a cutting of a Brazil Philodendron. I have been in love ever since!

In your opinion, what's the best thing about having plants?

A: For me, the best part of having plants in my home is being able to watch something grow and change almost daily. Plants are an affordable, easy, and fun way to add texture and interest to your home decor. Plants have definitely changed my life for the better!

L: The best part of having plants is having something to take care of and watch grow. Plus they are so beautiful and fun to look at. Plants have definitely made my life so much better plus they introduced me to such an amazing community of people.

Allyson, how's living in a house with 100+ plants and 3 kids?

After my first child became more mobile I actually took a break from plants because he was constantly getting into the dirt.

After that stage, I slowly began collecting again and luckily my other two children haven’t shown too much of an interest in plant destruction. They’re all just used to them at this point. 

When you have this many plants caring for them becomes a daily chore. Every day I’m watering and tending to my plants. I actually enjoy the job though; walking around my house, checking on their progress, and seeing if they need to be watered is soothing to me.

Lindsey, how do you manage to live your two dogs and all of your plants in the same space?

I definitely have to hang a lot of plants from my ceiling. I once had a spider plant right at dog snout level and she lost a lot of leaves to a mischievous puppy stomach. She is recovering attached to the ceiling now.

I spend a lot of time cleaning up dirt in my house. Although my dogs are super good at leaving my plants alone, their tails have been known to knock a plant or two off of a shelf. 

What's your experience with Pilea Peperomioides?

A: I absolutely love it! This plant has such unique and cute leaves. I have had my Pilea plant for about a year and honestly, it’s struggling a little right now. I believe it’s putting too much energy into sprouting new Pilea pups that it can’t sustain its old leaves. I’m planning to propagate the top and hope this helps the problem.

This just goes to show that houseplant care is about constant learning and adjusting to the needs of your specific plants. My biggest tip with the Pilea Peperomioides is to make sure it’s receiving enough bright, indirect light.

Do you ever talk, sing, or play some music for your plants?

L: I talk, sing, play music, and tell jokes to my plants every day. I have been told that it is absolutely crazy but I really believe that they like it!

I think it's important to tell them how amazing they are and how much they have grown. My plants and I have our morning manifestations and affirmations together every day. 

What's on your wish list right now? 

A: It seems to grow and change daily but on the top of my wishlist right now is a Philodendron Verrucosum and a Hoya Linearis.

L: My wishlist is about ten miles long but at the top of it is a String of Hearts and a ZZ plant!

Thank you, Allyson, thank you, Lindsey, for sharing your story with us!

Remember to check out their Instagram profile, @thatplantylife.

Let's keep spreading the love and the fun!

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