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Plant Whisperers: Ania, A Curly Plant Lady

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Plant Whisperers is our blog section where, each month, we interview true Pilea lovers and plant enthusiasts all around the world!

Plant Whisperers: Ania, A Curly Plant Lady

This month we met Ania from @curlyplantlady. She is a Polish girl that loves to talk to her plants, and she finds peace while taking care of them!

Hello Ania!

When and how did your love story with plants begin? 

As far as I remember, I have always been fascinated by nature. It wasn't only about plants: I truly loved animals and trees too.

When I have discovered the urban jungle trend for the first time, I was bewitched.

I couldn't believe someone could have so many plants!

So, about three years ago, I decided I wanted to transfer that vibe into my flat, and gradually created my own indoor jungle.

And now, I'm still not satisfied! I want more and more plants! But I admit I almost run out of space so I will have to choose wisely from my wish list. It's sad; I hope I will have more space in the future.

What's the best thing about living with houseplants?

I think it's beautiful; it's like having your own forest.

Plants bring life to every space and make it more friendly. I believe a home without plants would be lifeless.

Taking care of plants is very relaxing. Every plant is different, and I love to find out how to look after each one of them. I talk a lot to them; they have the power to calm me down immediately. They listen to me patiently, and never get bored. I know, they aren't the best speakers but... I don't need the answer!

What's your experience with Pilea Peperomioides?

At first, I must admit that I didn't like Pilea much. I used to find it weird and unattractive. But then I changed my mind, and this blog is the best place to apologize to all Pilea plants in the world. Pilea, you are so beautiful and cute!

I got my first two Pilea plants in September 2018. One of them belongs to my mum, and honestly, it is looking better than mine!

I would say that Pilea definitely prefers underwatering rather than overwatering. You also have to rotate it regularly; otherwise, it will lean towards the sun.

During the winter my flat gets a bit dark, and my plants suffer the lack of light. Last winter my Pileas started losing some of their leaves, although I misted them very often. Finally, spring is here!

Do you ever talk to your plants or listen to music for them?

I do, but only when nobody can hear me. It's a private relationship! I believe they can feel my attention.

They also hear my singing, but I don't know how happy they are with it!

Have you ever made new friends thanks to your plant passion?

Yes! I met a lot of inspiring plant lovers through Instagram. I still haven't attended any plant events; unfortunately, there aren't many in my area. But I would love to meet in person someone passionate about plants just like me. Or even more! 

Do you have any plants on your wishlist right now?

Of course! My wishlist is very long!

It starts with Dieffenbachia, Davallia, Ficus Elastica and several types of Echeveria.

I also really want Monstera Deliciosa, but it's too big for my flat.

So, on my wishlist, I also added "more space for all my new plants". My urban jungle need it so much!

Thank you for sharing your story, Ania!

Do not forget to follow her beautiful plant gallery on Instagram. Her profile is @curlyplantlady.

Let's keep spreading the love and the fun!

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