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Plant Whisperers: Elena And Her Indoor Jungle

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

Plant Whisperers is our blog section where, each month, we interview true Pilea lovers and plant enthusiasts all around the world!

Plant Whisperers Houseplant Lovers Elena lenmorv

This month we met Elena, from Russia. She's the mom of 77 plants, and a beautiful cat!

She has a stunning gallery of pictures on Instagram @lenmorv, make sure to follow her!

Apartment Jungle Houseplants Lenmorv

When did you begin to collect plants? 

I began collecting plants about two years ago. I have started to spend more time outside of town and feel inspired by nature.

I have started with only one houseplant, and I noticed it made my room come alive. Then, I kept collecting more and more. Plants make me smile and feel happier!

Do you have a favourite plant?

It's hard to pick a favorite. I love them all! 

Tell us about your experience with growing your Pilea. How long have you been taking care of it? Would you like to share any care advice?

Pilea Peperomioides Lenmorv

I have spent so long searching for Pilea in my city. And then, about six months ago, I've finally found it! I bought a baby Pilea.

It's a new plant in my collection, and I'm loving it.

I think Pilea is an easy-care and beautiful plant! My Pilea enjoys growing in my bedroom, in front of an ample bright North-facing window. I water this plant once a week. 

Do you ever talk, sing, or play music to your plants?

I do talk to my plants! It's part of my morning routine. I tell them how adorable they are!

Houseplants Pets Apartment Jungle Lenmorv

That's the sweetest morning ritual! We know you have a lovely black and white cat. How is the life of a plant girl with a cat?

I have never had any problem with that!

I am lucky, my cat is very kind with my plants, and she has never tried to eat them.

She just likes to sniff and go through the leaves. I think she really likes my little urban jungle!

I also make sure to always keep a container with some cat grass.

Do you share your love for plants with some friends or with family? Have you ever connected with new people thanks to this passion?

Apartment Jungle Houseplants Lenmorv

My mom has lots of plants, just like me! I think my whole family loves my indoor jungle because it's a place where you can calm down and relax.

Also, I have learned there is a large crowd of plant loving people. I am so grateful and happy about it!

What plant is on your wish list right now?

I want a large Pilea Peperomioides!

Thank you, Elena!

We are impressed by your enthusiasm and dedication to plants.

Don't forget to follow her @lenmorv; you will find gorgeous pictures of her lovely green-filled apartment!

Let’s keep spreading the love and the fun!

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