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Plant Whisperers: Hanneke Vermeirssen

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Plant Whisperers is our blog section where, each month, we interview true Pilea lovers and plant enthusiasts all around the world!

Plant Whisperers: Hanneke Vermeirssen

This month we met Hanneke from @huisje.plantje.beestje. She is a lovely plant lady from The Netherlands who managed to fill her tiny home with more than 100 plants!

Hello Hanneke!

How did your love story with plants begin? 

My first plant was a cutting from my mom's Lipstick Plant. I remember receiving it about 5 years ago and completely ignoring it.

Then, 2 years ago, my nephew and his boss had a lot of plants, and they gave me a few cuttings. That's when my love for plants started. I realized how much I enjoyed taking care of those babies and watch them grow. I turned into a very proud plant mom!

Oh, and in case you were wondering, now I take good care of that first Lipstick plant cutting! It has become full of flowers.

What's the best thing about living with houseplants?

I enjoy living with plants so much! I love to take care of them, give them water, see them growing. When a plant grows a lot or starts blooming, it's the best feeling! I also really enjoy taking pictures of my plant family.

How many plants do you have at the moment?

I have about 100 plants, and I believe I live in one of the tiniest houses in the city. Even if I don't have any space left, I keep buying or receiving plants.

Since I don't have much room for plants on the floor, I have become a big fan of trailing plants.

I have the habit of checking if my plants have pests very often. And I am used to giving them water on the same day every week. It's a great ritual!

What's your experience with Pilea Peperomioides?

It's one of my oldest plants! I'm a big fan of Pilea. I think I've shared the babies with at least 50 people.

That's why I like it so much: you can share it with everyone. Sharing is caring!

I noticed that, during the winter, my Pilea plants struggle a bit, and they drop some leaves. I would say that's not a problem: don't panic if that happens to you too!

You have a cat.

How's living with a pet and plants in the same place?

My cat, Poekje, is the best!

Luckily she has no interest in eating my plants.

Even better: she loves to pose next to them!

Do you have any plants on your wishlist right now?

I am always hunting for Hoya plants, but they are hard to find here in The Netherlands.

Maybe that's better, because, you know, I clearly have a space problem!

Thank you for sharing your story, Hanneke!

Do not forget to follow her beautiful plant gallery on Instagram. Her profile is @huisje.plantje.beestje.

Let's keep spreading the love and the fun!

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