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Plant Whisperers: Katelin, the plantaholic

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Plant Whisperers is our blog section where, each month, we interview true Pilea lovers and plant enthusiasts all around the world!

This month we had a chat with Katelin, the sweet girl behind the Instagram account @succsandpups. She calls herself a "plantaholic", and we do understand why: she has over than 100 houseplants, a large succulent garden in her front yard, cactus and other plants on her porch and more cactus and succulents in her backyard! A true green invasion!

Hello Katelin! When and why did your love for plants begin? 

I've had a love for nature my whole life, but my obsession with houseplants started around four years ago.

My mother-in-law, Diane, introduced me to indoor plant care. I was instantly fascinated when she showed me her giant cactus: it started as a 2-inch plant, and my husband brought it home from school when he was roughly 15 years old.

She also gifted me cuttings from a Pothos plant that was given to her when my husband was born!

I thought that was so amazing and I really appreciated how sentimental these plants were to her. She sparked my love for plants and inspired me to create my own collection.

There is something about looking around my home and seeing green. I don't have much opportunity to spend time outdoors, so having plants in my house helps me feel relaxed and more connected with nature.

That is exactly the feeling we all get from being around houseplants! What is your favorite plant?

Oh boy, this is a tough one!

I guess I'd have to say Sansevieria. I have over 25 Sansevieria plants! They are the absolute easiest plant to take care of. They don't care if you forget about them for a month or more (which was perfect for me as a newbie plant owner).

Sansevieria was the first houseplant that I ever purchased for myself. Also, NASA rated them as wonderful air purifying plants!

My other favorites are Pothos, Monstera Deliciosa & Adansonii, and Pilea, of course!

What is your experience with Pilea?

I got my first Pilea roughly six months ago. I have three now, and a couple of pups from my recent Trader Joe's haul!

Luckily, Pilea is a very easy plant to take care of. I water only when completely dry, in the summer maybe every 7-10 days. The one thing I need to remember is to rotate my Pilea every other day since it tends to reach dramatically for the sun.

I think one important tip for people new to plants is to try very hard not to over-water.

I think it is totally a newbie mistake, and I know everyone has been there! You get a

new plant and want to nurture the heck out of it. After various fungus gnat infestations, I have learned that under watering is way better than over-watering!

Exactly. Pilea prefers to stay a bit dry, rather than too wet!

Where did you place your Pilea plants?

My Pileas are next to an East-facing window, in my living room.

They are in my most cherished plant corner.

This shelf gets the best light in the entire house. Only my most important plants get a spot!

You have three lovely dogs. How's living in a home with pets and plants? Do you have any advice to share?

I love surrounding myself with things that make me happy. That's why I have over 100 houseplants and three dogs! Would I have 100 dogs? Totally. If only I had enough space!

It is so important to know whether or not your plants are poisonous to your animals. If they are, put those suckers on a shelf! It's not worth risking your pets life to have the plant in an aesthetically pleasing spot.

Luckily my dogs know they should not mess with my plants, and honestly, they don't pay much attention to them since they're all placed above knee-level.

Do you ever talk, sing, or play some music for your plants?

Oh, I totally talk to my plants. And sing. This goes for my dogs too! In my free time, I like to listen to music, water my plants, train my dogs and play with them, and relax.

Do you share your love for plants with somebody?

I love sharing my hobbies. I'm happy and proud to say that I've helped some of my very good friends discover their own love of plants as well. If it's your birthday, you're definitely going to get a plant from me!

What a sweet idea! This is a great way to spread the love for houseplants.

What plant is on your wish list right now?

I've knocked a lot of plants off my wish list this year. like Pilea and Monstera Adansonii. However, one still remains: the Whale-Fin Sansevieria!

Thank you, Katelin!

Her life full of plants and her love for sharing filled us with joy and happiness.

Let’s keep spreading the love and the fun!

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