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Plant Whisperers: Katherine Walker

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Plant Whisperers is our blog section where, each month, we interview true Pilea lovers and plant enthusiasts all around the world!

Plant Whisperers: Katherine Walker

This month we met Katherine from @botanicalkat. She is a lovely plant lady from the UK, who created a beautiful indoor jungle of more than 150 plants!

Hello Katherine!

When and how did your love story with plants begin? 

I have always grown up with plants around me, and I've always been fascinated with the different shapes and colors of plants and how unique every leaf is.

My mum and grandma are both keen gardeners, and I would often help them out, play around the plants and take pictures of the leaves!

I started really getting into houseplants after I brought my first Tradescantia and realized how much I loved propagating it and watching the cuttings I'd taken grow roots and thrive.

I find it genuinely mind-blowing that from a leaf or a small cutting you can grow a whole new plant!

What's the best thing about living with houseplants?

My job gets a little stressful, and I find surrounding myself with plants is a great way for me to find calm.

I often sit and look at my plants, and just by doing that I feel more relaxed. 

I get so much from surrounding myself with plants.

The calmness I get from them is the best thing for me: after a long day I can walk into my flat, see my plants and instantly feel more at ease.

How many plants do you have at the moment? 

I'm not sure... I have so many propagating, and lots of tiny succulents!

The last time I counted, there were around 160. I think it's safe to say I'm addicted...

What's your experience with Pilea Peperomioides?

Pilea is one of the best plants for me.

They call it the "friendship plant" and, to be honest, I don't think you could find a name more fitting!

The beauty of this plant is that you can share it, and share it and share it again!

It's just a plant that keeps on giving, plus it looks amazing.

My Pilea has a mind of its own and has a crazy wonky stem, but I like it: it makes it one of my most interesting plants!  

Do you ever talk to your plants or listen to music for them?

I mumble a lot to myself, so maybe sometimes they hear me.

And we have music on a lot in my home, and I'm not stopping them from listening!

Have you made new friends thanks to your plant passion? 

So many! Instagram has been a great platform for me to talk and communicate with other plant lovers like myself.

I have spoken to a lot of planty people. It's one of the best things about having my profile, and I love swapping plants too.

I find myself genuinely rooting for people's plants on Instagram: if someone I follow has a plant problem, I worry nearly as much as them.

At the same time, I find that if I have any problems or need some tips, I can always count on my followers to help me out. I've learned so much from many wonderful people! 

What plant is on your wish list right now?

I have many plants on my wish list.

I think the one I've been searching longest for is a Variegated Peace Lily.

I've been on the hunt for one of these for a while but can't seem to get one here in the UK...

Thank you for telling us your story, Katherine!

Let's all follow her plant journey on Instagram. Her page is @botanicalkat.

And keep spreading the love, and the fun!

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