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Plant Whisperers: Stuart Wilson

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

Plant Whisperers is our blog section where, each month, we interview Pilea lovers and plant enthusiasts all over the world!

Plant Whisperers: Stuart Wilson

This month we met Stuart from @plantastic_mr_fox, an interior designer from London extremely passionate about houseplants.

Hello Stuart!

When did you start collecting plants?

My love for plants is actually relatively new.

I have always loved botany and admired many species of plants since going to Kew Gardens for the first time as a child.

My problem was that when I owned plants years ago, they wouldn't last long.

Then I purchased a Spider Plant about a year ago, and since then, my collection has grown, and my love for learning how to care for them has become an obsession! 

What's the best thing about living with plants?

As an interior designer, I love mixing my passion for design with my love for plants.

There's something beautiful about having plants in any interior space. They are not just beautiful but are also extremely therapeutic. 

How can you manage to have 40+ plants?

Any tips you want to share?

As I live in a house-share with two of my closest friends, I have managed to persuade them to embrace my jungle!

Before my plants started creeping into all areas of the house, I had 30 in my bedroom. It looked amazing, but my friends said it was like a plant shop.


One of the best tips I can share is not to overwater. I feel that's the most common mistake new plant parents make. Overwatering can lead to root rot, which there is no going back from. 

What's your experience with Pilea Peperomioides?

I love my little Pilea. It's been on my wish list for ages!

I was sent a cutting a while back from a plant friend on Instagram (I love the plant community for this!) and, since then, it's grown double in size. 

I keep my Pilea next to my East-facing window, so it gets plenty of soft morning light and indirect light throughout the afternoon. I wait until the top 2 inches of its well-drained soil is dry before I water it, which is usually once a week. I also use a diluted fertilizer once a month. It's doing very well and seems to love these conditions! 

Do you ever talk, sing, or play some music for your plants?

Yes, I do!

I talk to them when I mist them every morning, and generally play my 80's power ballad playlist to get them moving.

I actually think it works!

Any plants on your wish list right now?

I have three plants on my wish list but saying that my wish list grows all the time.

My next three purchases will definitely be Bird of Paradise (just need to make more room), Monstera Deliciosa Variegata, and Anthurium Chamberlainii!

Thank you for sharing your story with us, Stuart!

Remember to follow his Instagram profile, @plantastic_mr_fox.

Let's keep spreading the love and the fun!

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